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Natasha Howard: Inspiring the Next Generation of Female Athletes in Toledo



Natasha Howard, a WNBA star currently playing for the Dallas Wings, has not only left an indelible mark on the basketball court but has also become an inspiration for young female athletes in her hometown of Toledo, Ohio. With an impressive list of accolades and a remarkable journey from Waite High School to becoming a three-time WNBA champion, Howard’s story embodies the determination, skill, and resilience that young athletes aspire to.

Early Life and Rise to Stardom

Born and raised in Toledo, Natasha Howard’s passion for basketball was evident from a young age. She attended Waite High School, where she quickly established herself as a standout player for the Lady Indians. Her dedication to improving her skills and her natural athleticism set her on a path to greatness. Howard’s high school years laid the foundation for her future success, serving as an inspiration to aspiring athletes in Toledo and beyond.

WNBA Triumphs

Natasha Howard’s journey from Waite High School to the WNBA is a testament to her hard work and unwavering determination. As of August 7th, her current team, the Dallas Wings, holds a respectable 4th place in the standings, thanks in part to Howard’s contributions on and off the court.

Her impressive professional career includes being a three-time WNBA champion, clinching titles in 2017, 2018, and 2020. Howard’s ability to perform under pressure and contribute significantly to her team’s success has solidified her reputation as one of the league’s most formidable players.

Awards and Recognition

Howard’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed by her peers and experts in the basketball world. She has earned accolades such as being named a two-time WNBA All-Star in 2019 and 2022. Her exceptional defensive skills led to her being honored as the WNBA Defensive Player of the Year in 2019, showcasing her versatility on both ends of the court.

In addition, Howard’s inclusion in the All-WNBA First Team in 2019 and being selected for the WNBA All-Defensive First Team in both 2018 and 2019 underline her consistency as an elite player. Her achievements serve as a source of inspiration for young female athletes aspiring to reach the pinnacle of their sport.

Impact on Toledo’s Youth

Natasha Howard’s success transcends the basketball court, resonating deeply with young female athletes in Toledo. Her journey from local high school standout to WNBA champion serves as a source of motivation for those who dream of achieving greatness. Howard’s story demonstrates that hard work, dedication, and perseverance can lead to remarkable achievements, regardless of one’s background.


Natasha Howard’s journey from growing up in Toledo, Ohio, to becoming a WNBA star is a narrative of determination, talent, and triumph. Her success on the basketball court is matched by her role as an inspiration for young female athletes in Toledo and beyond. As the Dallas Wings continue to compete, Howard’s legacy as a three-time champion, All-Star, and Defensive Player of the Year will undoubtedly motivate generations of aspiring athletes to chase their dreams and never give up on their goals.


Episode 23 : NBA Play-In Drama and Offseason Cowboy Rumblings



Join Jesse in this action-packed episode of Play by Play as he breaks down the intense matchups from the NBA Play-In Tournament. With the Lakers securing a crucial victory over the Pelicans and the Warriors falling short against the Kings, Jesse dissects the implications for the playoffs and speculates on the fate of the Big 3 in Golden State.

Amidst trade rumors and contract talks, Jesse delves into the burning question: Will Klay Thompson or Draymond Green be able to stay with the Warriors? He provides insider insights and explores potential scenarios that could shape the future of the franchise.

But the sports analysis doesn’t stop there. Jesse also turns his attention to the gridiron, examining whether the Dallas Cowboys are making the right moves in free agency to bolster their roster. From strategic signings to player acquisitions, he evaluates the Cowboys’ offseason maneuvers and assesses their chances of success in the upcoming NFL season.

Don’t miss out on this episode of Play by Play with Jesse, where sports expertise meets passionate commentary, and the latest news and rumors take center stage. Tune in for engaging discussions, bold predictions, and expert analysis that will keep you on the edge of your seat. #NBAPlayintournament #DallasCowboys #NBA

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The Glory Days of Toledo City League Basketball: A Journey through the 80s & 90s



the City League in the 80s and 90s stands as a legendary era that shaped the memories of fans and players alike

In the vibrant tapestry of Toledo’s high school basketball history, the City League in the 80s and 90s stands as a legendary era that shaped the memories of fans and players alike. As you reminisce about the fierce rivalries and iconic teams, it’s impossible to ignore the captivating saga that unfolded on the hardwood.

The Macomber Macmen, led by the indomitable Jim Jackson, etched their name into the annals of history with a state championship in 1989. Macomber who a formidable adversary of Scott High closed their chapter in ’91, but the flame of competition endured with the Libbey Cowboys dominating the 90s. The battles between Scott and Libbey at the University of Toledo became the stuff of legend – intense games, passionate crowds, and an electric rivalry atmosphere.

The cast of characters in this basketball saga was nothing short of remarkable. Players like Chris Poellitz, Melvin Newbern in the 80’s, Steve Wheeler, Nakia Witcher & Jamarr Riven in the 90’s, and Dennis Springs, Rob Sanders in the 2000’s were a few of my favorite players to watch at Scott. The Bowsher Rebels, featuring future NBA champion Dennis Hopson in the 80s and Keith Triplett & Mike Menchacha in the 2000’s, added their chapter to the City League legacy. St. Francis, guided by Todd Mitchell, brought home a state championship in 1983, marking a pinnacle in the league’s history. St. John’s was led by Coach Ed Heintschel, St. John’s Jesuit, under the stewardship of the legendary Coach Ed Heintschel, stands as a formidable force in high school basketball. Coach Heintschel’s influence extends beyond the court, as he has nurtured and guided hundreds of young men, molding St. John’s Jesuit into a basketball powerhouse. The team’s impressive legacy is highlighted by the eight All-Ohio first team honorees under Coach Heintschel’s leadership. Moreover, the program has produced multiple NBA players, including the likes of Brian Roberts, and Vince Williams, currently making his mark with the Memphis Grizzlies. Other powerhouses like Central Catholic Irish, Woodward Polarbears, Waite Indians, and DeVilbiss Tigers added depth to an illustrious era.

At the helm of the Scott Bulldogs was the revered coach, Ben E Williams. Under his guidance, the Bulldogs claimed the state championship in 1990, showcasing talents like Scoop Williams, John White, Kashif Phillips, and Calvin White. The coaching rivalry between Williams and his former assistant Leroy Bates, leading Libbey to several state championship runs in the 2000s, that produced players like Eyuless Palmer, Marques Fobbs, William Buford, Nate Miles, Ronnel Isom, Jamaal Mays added another layer of drama to the narrative.

The City League of the 80s and 90s was defined by team basketball, intense rivalries, and the sheer passion of players and fans. Fast forward to today, and the landscape has evolved. One-on-one training, AAU, and traveling teams have become the norm, ushering in a different era of basketball. While individual skill levels have soared, some yearn for the days of collective team prowess and the intensity that defined high school basketball yesteryears.

In this modern era, where individuality often takes precedence, there’s a call to bridge the gap. A desire to infuse the intense spirit of the past with the improved individual skills of today’s players. The hope is to find a balance that honors the legacy of Toledo City League basketball while embracing the evolving landscape of the game.

As we reflect on the unmatched era of high school basketball, let’s continue to support our local youth athletes. Whether it’s through nostalgia for the glory days or an appreciation for the evolving game, our support remains vital in shaping the future of Toledo’s basketball legacy.

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Play by Play Ep 19 – Celtics & NBA Unpacked, and the NBA’s Defensive Quandary



In Play by Play Episode 19, we dissect the Celtics’ recent performance with an impressive record of 37-11 (22-2 at home). Tatum and Brown’s questionable shot selection and end-of-game disorganization come under scrutiny. Notable stats include Derrick White’s 16 pts and 4.7 assists, KP’s 20, Tatum’s 27, Brown’s 22, and Holiday’s 13.

The Bucks face a shakeup with Adrian Griffin’s firing, raising questions about Giannis’ involvement. A spotlight on the new coach, Doc Rivers, adds intrigue.

The episode dives into concerns about the NBA’s defense, drawing comparisons to the ’90s, highlighted by standout performances like Embiid’s 70 pts and Luka’s 72 pts. Should the Lakers consider moving from Ham?

Other highlights include discussions on Dillion Brooks, Draymond Green, and a broader debate on the NBA’s perceived softness, with referee issues, like Matt Strus of the Cavs receiving a tech for handing the ball to a ref, coming into focus.

For more sports news, visit Play by Play Episode 19 is proudly sponsored by

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