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Welcome to Win Or Lose Sports, your ultimate destination for a dynamic sports experience! Founded and led by the passionate Jesse Coleman Jr, a dedicated sports enthusiast and seasoned podcast host, Win Or Lose Sports is your go-to network for all things sports.

Based in the vibrant locales of Toledo and Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive coverage of local sports in these communities. From the intense matchups in Toledo Pro Am to the electrifying games in LA basketball leagues like XvsX by Metta World Peace, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of the sports scene.

At Win Or Lose Sports, we transcend geographical boundaries to bring you in-depth insights into national sports leagues. Whether it’s the slam dunks of the NBA, the gridiron battles in the NFL, the scripted drama of WWE, or any other major sporting event, our coverage is as diverse as the sports we love.

Our team comprises not only Jesse Coleman Jr but also former athletes and talented podcast hosts from the Toledo area. Together, we host a variety of shows that cater to every sports fan’s taste. Tune in to the flagship Win Or Lose Sports Show for engaging discussions, catch the thrilling Play by Play commentary, enjoy spirited debates on Hot Takes, test your predictions with Weekly Pick ‘Em, get a holistic view of multiple sports on The Crossover, feed your basketball addiction with Hoops Addict, and explore much more!

Beyond talk, we’re also in the game – literally! Win Or Lose Sports provides meticulous sports stat tracking for local LA basketball leagues, contributing to the excitement of events like XvsX by Metta World Peace. In Toledo, Ohio, our commitment to local sports shines through in our coverage of the Toledo Pro Am.

Join us at Win Or Lose Sports, where every game is a story waiting to be told, and every victory or defeat is a celebration of the spirit of sportsmanship. Whether you’re a local enthusiast or a national sports fanatic, we’ve got your sports fix covered!